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Installation environment of laser marking machine
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Installation environment of laser marking machine

1. First of all, the laser marking machine should not be placed in a place with high humidity, dust or steam flow. Possible hazards: fire or electric shock

2. When the laser marking machine moves, please remove the power cord and other cables, which may cause equipment damage, fire, personal injury or electric shock.

3. Do not let the power cord of the laser marking machine close to the heater, otherwise it will also lead to fire or electric shock. Fine maintenance-free laser marking machine.

4. Before disconnecting the power cord and other cables of the marking machine equipment, be sure to turn off the power supply, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

5. Do not place the laser marking machine at high temperature, especially where the marking machine is exposed to direct sunlight or close to the heater, or it will cause the surface of parts or equipment to catch fire or deteriorate.  

6. When handling and maintaining the laser marking machine, disconnect the power plug from the socket. Avoid electric shock.   

7. Do not hold the cable when disconnecting the power cord, but hold the plug.

8. When the laser marker is not in use for a long time, please disconnect the power plug to avoid causing fire.   

9. Do not disconnect the power plug with wet hands to prevent human electric shock.  

10. Do not place any objects on the marking machine equipment.  

1. Please turn off the power when cleaning the lens.

12. Do not move the device with any objects placed on it.  

13. Do not close the ventilation holes to prevent the heat dissipation of machinery and equipment.  

14. Do not modify, heat, apply excessive force to bend, twist or stretch the fiber laser marking machine, or put heavy objects on the optical fiber cable, which may cause damage to the optical fiber cable. The optical fiber cable is required to have a small bending radius of 150mm or more. Bending, squeezing, stretching and heating of the optical fiber cable will not only lead to failure, but also fail to maintain the instrument performance.

15. In daily use, according to the waste gas generated by laser processing of product materials, actually consider installing exhaust and air purifier. Some materials may produce toxic smoke or particles, while dust in the equipment may cause malfunction or fire.

16. Please turn off the power when cleaning the lens, otherwise it may cause harm to human body. Please don't put your hands in the laser marked area.